[Webinar Series] Remote Learning with WeVideo - Recordings Available!

Please join us for our upcoming webinar with Dr. Nathan Lang-Raad (Chief Education Officer) and Emily Tsay (Product Manager)!

1 hour | Beginner

Remote Learning can seem daunting to wrap our heads around. But by providing teachers and students with a few ideas and options, remote learning can be fun, simple to do, and engaging for all! This webinar will provide a “how-to” on navigating the platform and equip you with practical ideas to keep students engaged during remote learning!

This webinar will be recorded. Registrants will be first to receive a link to the recording on YouTube.

View more WeVideo webinars at: https://pages.wevideo.com/webinars

See recording here https://youtu.be/y8elBS1RBvw
And get answers to these questions:

  • Trainings for beginners?
  • How to you get to the support team?
  • Permissions for publishers for read-alouds?
  • PBL implementation? (Document the process, but also the product itself- public audience)
  • Make my own template?
  • Students be able to use their phones or tablets to edit WeVideo?
  • Fade in/out sound?

We also had a live event with IDEA available on Facebook here:
These questions were addressed:

  • Rename the tracks
  • Create your own folders
  • Delete files out of your media?
  • See estimated file size before choosing SD vs HD?
  • Where is the file being saved to?
  • Show the chroma key?

Thanks for joining us and comment below with any additional questions!

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Did you miss our webinar? Watch it on demand at YouTube:

We have more live webinars at https://pages.wevideo.com/webinars.